2 Billion+ Crafted Weapon Dispersion?

Umm… Is this normal? Same with the pipe shotgun and new 12 gauge pistol, all in today’s Git build.

EDIT: Most definitely not normal. Can be seen on all craftable ranged weapons from the sling to the pipe rifles to the bows. Something broke.

Looks like it somehow got confused and just maxed out the number.

EDIT2: Tested with slingshot, accuracy no worse than usual. Okay then… Display bug?

EDIT3: On a completely unrelated note, splintered wood + squirrel corpse = raging fire. Splintered wood = fire. Rain + fire = ruined experiment.

This is most likely caused by the bufferoverflows we’re having, you may have been lucky that the game didn’t crash.

Btw, I if that’s the case, this should fix itself if you save-quit-load

That doesn’t seem likely, especially with the actual accuracy being unaffected.
My leading guess is that there’s integer casting shenanegans happening, I reproduced the issue, and the reported numbers are suspiciously close to MAX_INT.

i think this display problem is not confined crafted guns, but also other guns, like my remington.
also, there is no space between the word “reinforced” and the name of clothes. it’s not a big deal, just a minor bug.