0.C-5808, 0.c-5814 item dissassembly while on vehicle causes hang

When I try to disassemble just about anything while standing on a vehicle the game stops responding, I tested it somewhat thoroughly involving my current character and his deathmobile-to-be and the ground just outside it, as well as another freshly spawned character in a house.

The world and character are from a few days ago, though I’ve been updating builds pretty much every day, the problem fist started last night but I gave up assuming that trying to disassemble 30+ items at a time was what had done it, leading to an update and testing today which proved that wasn’t the case.

If it matters there is a vehicle welding rig in range, but I don’t think that does since some of what I was working on were books.
I noted that I was able to sometime disassemble one object at a time without the hang happening, but mostly the game just up and died.

And the debug log and debug log previous seem to be empty of anything relevant, just a bunch of adding inline requirement recipe things and can’t parse colors from before the time the crash occurred.

Windows 7, graphical version experimental 5808, updated with the updater application.

Edit, also happening in 5814