0.C-4032 Crashes

Is anyone else experiencing random crashes from while playing in this iteration?

I’m looting a mansion which was located 8 tiles away from a slime pit when the game starts randomly crashing. As in “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”.

I’m waiting for the #14413 to go live so I can get random vehicles spawning again before I update. Hopefully whatever is going on with your game will get shaken outta the tree as well.

Are you playing with sounds? Try removing them. Revert the sound file installation procedure. I removed sounds and haven’t had a single crash since. And I used to get that same exact message. Although I’m playing on version 3984.

That’s probably the special attacks iterator crash bug that got squashed recently. Don’t hesitate to update if a certain isn’t acting right. I’ve been transferring the same character from version to version since 399X.

I’ve been noticing the same crash over the past few builds, and previously had no issues with stability.
Not saying its for sure the cause, but it did start about the time I activated sound.
(I say this just having experienced one such crash on the latest build, O.C-4054)