0.C-3090 [da97264] NPC Survivors spawn with rotten food

Seen some NPCs spawn with food on them. Normal food seems to be always rotten even though they spawn in winter.

I really don’t like how the game assumes everything is static and then waits till whatever time you set the start to. If you set the game to start in winter, bloody start in winter. Then we completely negate the problem of starting out with top-tier zombie spawns and having virtually every bio-degradable resource on the map having melted into paste.

I think the devs said it would be too difficult to actually change game start time, so the winter start just advances time since start.

That’s nice. So in the meantime everyone that hates spring inherently is at a disadvantage just because they don’t want to have to deal with zombies AND weather right off the bat. Because…because.

This is sort of a basic thing you’d expect to have been figured out by now. Each season is 1 through 4, when game start, season = (game options number). and it just loads it. game progresses normally.

WAITING for set season…completely daft.