[0.C-17149-g6a32a9a] Starting vehicle construction errors/uses 2 parts

Hello, still new to the game so apologies if I’m going about this the wrong way. I didn’t see a thread mentioning this. Also figured out where the github issues were listed and a search there, I didn’t see it.

When I attempt to ‘Start Vehicle Construction’ with a single frame in my inventory (tried a couple of different types but mostly ‘foldable-light frame’), after picking a direction I get the following debug message:

DEBUG: Attempted a recipe with no available components!
FUNCTION: comp_selection<item_comp> player::select_item_component(const std::vector<item_comp>&, int, inventory&, bool)
FILE: src/crafting.cpp
LINE: 1089

If instead I attempt ‘Start Vehicle Construction’ with the single frame in my inventory but I do so in my garage, where I have several other frames and parts stored, I get prompted twice for components. The second component picked is what the base vehicle becomes. If I wish for a second folding frame and do the construction away from the garage, no error but both frames are gone.

I’m still pretty new to the game but I don’t remember this happening some days back when I goofed around with vehicle construction. I’ve been regularly updating as I play so I suppose it’s an issue particular to my game.