0.C-11261-g75886c0 SDL - Focus on enemy if using guns

Hello everybody

Win 7 / 64-bit

I am currently playing around in the experimental builds. And I seem to be having some strange bug whenever I shoot something it focuses the camera on the enemy and doesn’t return to my char. Sometimes it even jumps ahead and makes the distance of my FOV and character even farther apart. So I am permanently out of vision. Regular means (inspect, aiming near me, and so on) don’t seem to be working.

I usually port over a character from the earlier exp. builds but even a fresh char has this problem. I even tried it with standard config folder still no luck.

I am very thankful for any help.

Greetings Reapz0r

I saw this the other day too. I could manually re-centre the camera afterwards with the usual “:” key, but obviously you shouldn’t need to do that.