0.A $s Popping up everywhere/broken vehicle menu [fixed]

Using 0.A-645-gee959f3 (Happens to all of the most recent Jenkins builds)
Tested on SDL and Curses
Windows 7 Ultimate

The problem starts at the character creation screen where professions show their point costs as “$s $s $d”, and seemingly all female names show up as $s.

The world gens fine but items on the ground are occasionally called $s when looking at them or standing on them, they show up fine in the V item list.

When interacting with a vehicles construction menu to for example repair a part, a message pops up saying “Debug: Couldn’t parse color” $s press spacebar…" after pressing spacebar the vehicle construction menu goes black until it is hit a second time, but if you can’t repair the object due to not having a required object it gets stuck and you need to hold space until the part list shows up (the rest of the menu remains black) to escape out of it.

Here is a screenshot of each of the occurrences.

As I said, this happens on all the recent 0.A Jenkins builds both Tiles and Curses, not sure when it started but the stable release works fine.

I have the same issues

Yup, same issue.

This should be fixed with the most recent experimental. Thanks for reporting

Tested the latest experimental builds, it appears to be fixed!