[0.9 Ma Windows] drizzle -> raging fires

When the weather is “drizzle,” ordinary fires (4) become raging fires (4) after one turn, regardless of their fuel. This does not occur on other weather conditions. I have not checked in Acid Drizzle or Acid Rain.

Yep I just reproduced this. Intredasting.

I wondered why my fires were turning into infernos overnight… I made a report here, so I’m sure it will get fixed soon.

I merged something that I think addresses it, it at least did with regular drizzles as my various burning bushes went out instead of getting hotter.

Easier solution, just change “drizzle” to “gaso-rain”

Talking about strange rain, there was a blood rain in Kerala, India. Would be cool to have those strange occurrences in game (very rare of course).