[0.8 Stable] Knife usage consumes lighter charges for everything

0.8 Stable
Windows 7

'a’ctivating a butcher knife consumes 4 charges of lighter, as if I were cauterizing, even if I’m cutting, carving or canceling the action in the prompt. Probably applies to all cutting tools with a similar prompt.

Edit: It also did this with a steak knife in 0.9.RC1-194-g8f83223.

Hate to double post, but I delved into the source code and was able to locate the problem, though I don’t know exactly what needs changing to fix this.

iuse.cpp on line 4670 (as of whichever version had files last modified at 6:39 PM 11/16/13).

I assume that method tries to use charges and then returns a bool indicating success. So the knife usage menu is paying the cost of cauterization when it decides whether to list it on the menu.