Boots crafting and butcher knives

  • Boots need 10 charges for sewing kits but only 5 when using a bone needle

  • Butcher knives can’t be (a)ctivated to cut stuff (like fabric)

Added as bugs : and

Thanks, Soyweiser.

So, should we post bugs there instead?

It’s preferred, as we get emailed about those and they’re constantly in our face, so it’s more likely to get fixed quickly.

That’s not to say I don’t read the bug threads here, it’s just that sometimes I read them, get sidetracked and never get around to fixing a thing, then I notice there have been no new posts and pat myself on the back for a bug free game :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, posting the bugs here lets the other players know about it, so that is also good. (As the issue list also lists spoilers, todo stuff, improvements, or just game irrelevant stuff (this code is not const, you nitwit! :wink: )).

Roger Wilco.