[0.8 Onward?] "Narrow" Sidebar style doesn't display firing mode

What it says on the tin, it’s a pain the rear end when I want to use my 30-06 rifle on a hulk at point blank and instead fire a frag grenade.

Also, it’s obscured in the “Standard” style as well when the player is in pain.

Its also pain is also displayed over it in the standard one. It seems pain makes you unable to determine how the fire selector is set

While it might be a neat feature over say 50 pain it’s annoying at 1 pain. XD Picked up a flu shot, thwacked myself and boom “HOW DO I FIRE THE RIFLE AND NOT THE LAUNCHER AGAIN? IT HURTS”

Heh, no this is an accident, we’re looking at rearranging both sidebars so this doesn’t happen.