[0.8-742-g640d11a] Disassembling a power storage CBM crashes game

Unperturbed by my characters inability to learn recipes from books, I collected a large number of power storage CBM’s to try and learn how to make them via disassembly. Unfortunately the client just crashes when the job is done, rendering that save file useless.

I’m using the windows curses build 0.8-742-g650d11a. If it helps, I can attach a copy of the save folder, which has a character in it that if loaded is in the process of disassembly and will lead to the crash in a few seconds. I have not yet tested if there are any other issues with pulling apart other CBM’s or not.

If this is a new issue then I’ll go ahead and add it to the issue tracker on git.

After editing my save to stop myself from doing this I seem to be unable to replicate the bug. As such, I’ve backed up the save that has the crash and have uploaded it to dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9w9fsk76ebqnlu4/save.7z

Maybe someone will be able to make heads or tails of the issue incase it shows up elsewhere. It’s really a shame this game doesn’t have a more verbose log file for crashes like this.