The Description thread

So right now, it seems that changing the monster descriptions is the new thing, a very important thing mid you, as those few words are pretty much the base from which each player will form the complete image of a monster.

And I thought that perhaps it would be nice if we as a community had a place to post, review, and support our own description for monsters so that the ones that are better than current ones could get ported into the mainline. (it will have to be made by quoting the description we like, as the poll capabilities of smf are kinda limited)

So well let me start with a few that came to my mind

Zombie Child- It was only a child.

Zombie- A dead human, stumbling forward on its uncertain legs

Zombie cop- Once a police officer deployed to control the situation, this zombie is encapsulated in a though set of riot armor

Zombie scientist- A resourceful looking zombie clad in a white lab coat. It seems to have retained some measure of self awareness

Zombie shrieker- This zombie had its lower jaw torn off, the most terrible of shrieks come from the gory hole where its throat used to be

Homunuclus- A pale white man with a physically flawless athletic body and a shaved head. His eyes are completely black and bloody tears pour forth from them. (Acidia’s original description)

Flesh angel- This gigantic man is skinless and yet graceful in its movements. A pair of of useless fleshy wings protude from its back, and a third eye dominates its forehead. (I think thas how Acidias original description went i didnt had this one written down

Blood Sacrifice- This poor victim was sliced open and bled to death long ago. Yet, chained down it thrashes in eternal misery from its tortures. (Acidia’s original description)

So those are mine (and Acidia’s) lets start this thing!

Zombie [del]Scientist[/del] Cyborg - This zombie has visible cybernetic implants protruding from its skin, they seem to be active.
Re-theme of the scientist that makes more sense, research into making a zombified guard? The cybernetic angle also explains how it can trigger special abilities despite being mindless.
Also requires rewriting the descriptions of the special attacks a bit.