[0.7.1-1227-g985dac3] Unable to Melee Attack Enemies

I had created a melee character with the tiger fighting stance. After loading up a saved game, I was unable to attack any enemy. I would walk “through” them, while they still damaged me (next to zombie, press directional to melee attack it, moved into the same tile as zombie :frowning: ) . Ran to every enemy I could find but couldn’t attack a single Zombie. I was going to see if ranged or smashing worked but the horde killed me before I got the chance. I’m not sure if this the proper place for bug reports. If I find any in the future what should I do? Thanks

Yeah, we call this the phantom bug. As for what you can do, you really can’t do anything when you come across a phantom zombie. Just run. Apparently, this bug is getting worse when you say that EVERY zombie you came across you cannot hit.

FWIW if you save your game, quit cataclysm, and restart it, it usually fixes itself for any given monster.

Throw a molotov on it or kill it with other range attack

This was fixed some days ago btw.