We have zombie spiders, so we should have zombie worms

There is the mass of zombie spiders, I think they are able to zombify because the Blob has infested and glued together all of their bodies, thus retaining the original size of the spiders but zombifying them.
Now imagine the same but with worms (earthworms in this case).

The mass of zombie spiders is considered incorrect by lore and I am currently reworking it.


the mass of zombie spiders is an oversight, techbically they should have been the size of dogs

We already have huge worm and graboid mutants these might be able to revive into zombies as they are large enough. Only problem with this is that invertribetes like the gaint insects aren´t able to revive normally. Might have to do with thier internal anatomy being so mutated and warped to function at gaint scale that the blob isn´t able to repair and revive them afterwards. This would also go for gaint worms as they wouldn´t be able to operate at human scale without developing somekind of mutant long completely warping thier internal anatomy.

I’d be OK with Zombie-Variants for spiders as long as the “non-zombie variants” (ie mutated ones) actually became hostile towards Zombie creatures. Makes no sense that some mutant insects are hostile against zombies and others aren’t.