World Crisis/Region!

You might be thinking “We already have the cataclysm, what else?”

Random Disasters.

Lets say im Bruce Viktor, walking down a road when out of no-where, a militia is driving down the road towards the town I just came from.
You could have three options
A) GET DAT FUKKEN CAR aka: Shoot All The Millita Members
B) Hide and watch them…
C) Hide and see if their friendly.

You might be thinking "Oh, this isn’t a disaster…"
Nope, its a local disaster.
The millita goes towards your town, but you notice something.
They all have molotovs, guns, and alot of drugs in the back of the truck.

Five hours later, the town is on fire, meaning no loot there anymore, your safehouse might of been burnt down, and you just lost you cache.

A larger event might be a tornado is headed towards the town, but since you forget to put that extra grind in Survival, you just see it and you only can…
A)Get The Car and drive with what your carrying
C) Start celebrating the return of the Wind Gods!

Lets say you evacuate, few hours later, turns out the tornado just RIPPED the nearby forest apart, and your house no longer exists, even the basement is gone. But you
see that a trail of thick acid is in its wake.

Result: Your going to have to find another way around the giant amount of acid the tornado left, without any loot. Your car would melt on the acid so good luck.

Now, a even larger event…

A giant horde of Hulks is headed towards your town, which you have cleared of zombies and recruited some survivors to look after your base, after some scouting it reveals they have been mutated too! Oh god…

A) Place Dem Mines
B) Grab the guns Tommy, we’re going hunting.
C) Drink the Mutagen and pray for the best.

Lets say you drink the Mutagen, and you become a Alpha, good news, your stronger than everyone here.
Bad news, the infected just don’t care for your +15 str now.

Hello Hulks, Goodbye life.

Random disasters and events are cool.


As a general rule, whenever someone asks “$SOMETHING. Right?”, I default to “No.”

There’s not enough detail here for me to appreciate the idea: there need to be ways to mitigate & work around Random Bad Shit, as otherwise it’s less “just part of life” and more a player punch.

That’s why we stopped having lightning strikes explode the ground and start fires.

(Randomly burning down people’s bases proved unpopular and led to metagaming as folks wither bypassed the mechanic or took counterintuitive actions to preserve their hard work.)

(Ehh It was worth a shot…)

But this time… ITS PREVENTABLE!!!
[size=8pt]With enough points in survival anyways…[/size]