Work shopping some new Scenarios

Here’s a couple of new scenarios I want to suggest and work shop a bit. With Halloween around the corner, I feel there’s not enough horror inspired themed scenarios if that makes sense.

[The Strange Cabin] " The nightmare was finally over, the evil dead turned your friends, forcing you to slay them, and at the cost of your sanity drove them away for good. Or so you thought. "

Start: Strange Cabin. Profession: Reluctant Hero. (flannel shirt, jeans, leather shoes, sawed off shotgun, and chainsaw. +trait: bonus to hit/dmg Nether monsters. + Permanent Netherworld trait)

[Last Laugh] " They’ve never laughed, not once. Always hated you, and bullied you to no end. Maybe its the booze or the voices talking, but tonight you will finally give those Brats something to laugh at! "

Start: Candy shop, school. Profession: Angry Clown. (clown suit, clown shoes, butcher knife. +psychopath trait +schizophrenic trait + culler trait. )

[Half-shell Ninja] " You’ve always silently watched over the city, protecting it from many dangers, however, tonight’s crisis is something new and far worse than you could ever imagine"

Start: Sewers. Profession: mutated ninja. (bandanna, scabbard +shell/turtle mutation +ninjutsu ) {possible 4 choices here depending on your favorite turt- Weapon choice: swords, sai, staff, & nunchunks.}

[Patient Zero] "They’ve kept you quarantined at this camp long before rumors of the dead started. Whatever infection you have, they swear you’re the key to all of it. They grew more desperate, as your infection grew worse. When the evacuations & screaming began, you accepted the end ready to for them to just end it. Only no one came, and neither did your infection turn…instead somehow adapting to your body. Your cravings for the flesh didn’t go away, only changed to a new craving…

Start: feema camp, lab, hospital. Profession: Patient Zero (patient gown. +infection immune trait. +eater of the dead mutation.)

What do you think? Tweaks, suggestions?


I see what your going for with “last laugh” and I don’t really mind it but I feel like some people would be uncomfortable with someone going to a school to murder children. I don’t know how I would change it to make people less likely to be upset by it so that’s all I got.

I like the others though, maybe have the “patient zero” start with cannibal trait too? Unless you’re going for like an antizombie thing like Blade but a zombie instead of vampire.

Yeah with It, joker & upcoming halloween I was going for a dark clown setup. Your right, Perhaps school start is too on the nose, which is why candy shop is other choice, maybe comic book store or ice cream van/shop something where it’s less on point.

I totally forgot cannibal was a thing, that fits, but I like the idea of two variants to ‘patient zero’. One where you got cannibal, and pretty much just a thinking half zombie, and the other where you are antizombie being that hunts the undead.

I think patient zero contradicts the lore as there was never one? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also I don’t understand why they have to be a cannibal? I really hate that the prisoner start is always a ‘psychopath’ and I’d probably hate starting as a forced cannibal.

Well it says that scientists in XEDRA started experimenting with “XE037” (the blob) on death row prisoners a few months before the apocalypse and a few days before the apocalypse the first uncontrolled infections are covered up by the scientists so I guess you could be something in that situation.

@TheMurderUnicorn Also you realize that cannibal doesn’t make it so you can’t eat other things right? and that if there’s something about a scenario that you don’t like you can either not use it or just use the debug menu to remove “required” traits, but that’s part of the challenge of the scenario so… ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

Well it isn’t really about whether I can debug it away or not. I’m a writer and somewhat of a perfectionist, and I like to think that if you’re going to make a mod you’re going to make it as accessible and immersive as possible. I was just voicing that, I, personally, would not be happy with a scenario that forces you to take a certain trait without a good reason. IE: You’re starting as a lab experiment and you want to force a set of mutations on me? I’d be okay with that. Making every prisoner a psychopath? I’ve met plenty of prisoners, I’ve BEEN a prisoner, and that just doesn’t resonate with me.

But I also like to roleplay, and I prefer to craft a character myself. Being pigeon-holed into a particular character type, I just don’t like it. Why would that character be a cannibal? Just because they’re patient zero they want to nibble human flesh? Doesn’t make much sense to me and therefore I voiced that I don’t think it should be a forced trait.

As for it being part of the challenge, that I definitely don’t understand. I might be wrong, but as far as I’m aware both psychopath and cannibal are purely beneficial traits, so they add no challenge whatsoever.

Rereading what I wrote makes me upset so I apologize for being rude and yeah for some reason I thought psychopath had some negative aspect so that was a whoopsy too.

I also agree that not all inmates are going to be psychopaths, my goal is actually become a prison psychologist after I get done with school, but I don’t think of the scenario as meaning you’re just a random prisoner but the same one, or at least the same base one with whatever changes you make.

As for the cannibal thing though, considering that they’re patient zero of a zombie virus and that they’re a half zombie thing, yes I think it makes pretty good sense.

From a lore perspective I was thinking Patient Zero was half-turned and had those traits because of that creeping hunger. From a challenge perspective perhaps making it so they have cannibal because thats all they can eat or something. I had two variants in mind with that challenge, one where you have the hunger of a zed, but almost all the food source is now dead. The other is one that feeds/hunts the dead. Roleplay wise, what would happen if you had all the traits of a zombie, but retained your intelligence?

The Psychopath trait was chosen simply because what else would you give a deranged clown who just snapped? The challenge aspect would come from him/her being surrounded by a sea of flesh eating kids , etc, and given negative traits like schizophrenia or whatever fits the theme.

Don’t forget I created this topic to workshop these challenges, so any suggestions to tweak/write them to fit would be great. And to be fair, only the prison scenario puts you in a bad guy role (IF you chose the Prisoner profession btw.)

I actually was referencing the psychopath in the prisoner scenario, not your clown suggestion. I absolutely agree that a deranged clown that planned to murder children qualifies as a psychopath. I also don’t mind that he was targeting children specifically, though I understand why the person above voiced concern about it.

I do think that implementing what you’ve described would make for an interesting patient zero. Is there something in-game already that causes an ‘insatiable’ hunger or is that something you’d have to implement yourself?

And for the record, I wasn’t trying to shit on your idea (though I understand it probably came across that way) I was just wondering what the reasoning there was for making cannibal a forced trait instead of an optional one, and was voicing an opinion that I generally dislike forced traits. It really was an opinion and not an attempt at forcing you to do anything differently.

Sorry miscommunication all around lol.

I’m not sure if there’s an “always hungry” like trait/mutation, haven’t fully explored all known ones in game. I was thinking it can be trait like Carnivore where you can only eat meat, but only npc flesh will keep the hunger/urges at bay if that makes any sense. I love the idea of creating a story around a character that never fully turned, but like you said above the tricky part is giving it some challenging flair.

No worries, i didnt see it that way. I was just confused by the usage of ‘force trait’. I was thinking if one chooses to play a scenario, there’s nothing forced about it.

are you making this a mod?\