Words of advice to new players?


Depending on your strength, you can move a lot of different furniture. Bookshelves, for example, block line of sight and smell.


Oh so putting 3 of them in the way of any window/door may in effect make the room smell tight.


-Waaaaaa? First off, how does a bookcase completely block smell, second, I’m certainly not new but that’s really good to know! I didn’t even think about trying to move furniture into the way of windows and such. I’m probably going to never remember to use this, but it’s still amazing information!
-What other not-so-obvious things can you grab or use grab for?


Note that the noise of dragging them around might offset any blocking advantage. Some enemies don’t track by sound though.

As for other uses… I’ll let you guys figure that out :slight_smile:


Oh, and the smell thing is for blocking FUTURE smell trails. Chances are good that the scent from moving it can still be tracked.


Well water is safe to drink, too.

  1. Always pick up duct tape. It’s incredibly useful.
  2. Looting is always better with a duffle bag. When you find yourself in combat drop it from your inventory. Also, if you’re like me, double up with both a backpack and duffle bag. It makes looting quite a bit easier.
  3. Talking doll + explosives. Also, exploit that ammo cook off if you’ve got extra ammo and need to take out a big mob.
  4. Never think low weapon durability is a joke. It affects your combat effectiveness significantly. Same goes for worn equipment.
  5. Maintain damage balance. Sure, you’ve got high weapons skill and love your survival knife, but base damage output is overall better. Sure you can cut through swathes of regular zombies, but when you find that one soldier zombie you’re going to have a bad time.
  6. Drugs and CBMs. Be careful, be safe, and don’t let that painkillers or depressants go over 20. Always remember to test it before you decide to double the dosage.


And remember that when taking drugs they tend to not act immediately. I believe it is roughly 30 minutes until it takes full effect. You want to prepare for that so you don’t overdose because you think it didn’t do much. I know from experience that is a bad idea…


I’m surprised no one has mentioned the classic, “use a bush, window, or furniture” to slow a zombie down.

I play this game like its real life, if you are honest with yourself on what you think you would be capable of in the zombie apocalypse you will play this game as safe as possible until you are geared up.

One of the best early game weapons IMHO is the ice axe. It has hammering, prying and is really fast and decent damage.

Collect some basic clothes early in the game to make future tailoring easier. With in a couple days you can start making decent armor. Fire fighter suits provide kevlar and are the source of most of my survivor gear.

Pay attention to how you layer your clothing, armor should be layered lowest so its outside and has the highest chance of receiving damage before your precious packs.

If you have the tools and time remove leaky gas tanks from every vehicle. they don’t leak when removed and it will level your mechanics for when you start building a deathmobile.

If you can’t find a grocery cart, rolling chairs work in a pinch.

Try welding a seat, handle, wheel, and pedals to the front of a grocery cart for the ultimate portable cargo hauler. Replacing the cart with a cargo space makes it even better.

You do not need to take every tool with you on every loot run, stream line your inventory for you goal.

You can craft with anything with in 4 tiles of you and line of sight.

Get high morale before crafting, it increases your xp gain.

Npcs help with batch crafting.

Set up a funnel and a large bottle or tank under it as soon as possible when you have a base, even if its temporary.

Dogs become aggressive towards everything around them as soon as one in the pack gets attacked by anything.

Do not bash acid zombies.

To much caffeine will start to cause penalties.

Always carry a gun for emergencies.


Hmm didn’t know your mood affected your xp gain.
Also, I butcher acid zombies. Luckily There’s no splash, otherwise I’d have a bad time. XD
I’ve also recently learned about dermatiks. Avoid them if possible. It’s a month after my encounter with them and still suffering from it. They infect you with parasites that causes you to itch and larvae pop out afterwards disabling that body part. Then they grow to mature and the process can happen again. My main has parasites all over his body and an NPC I have is disabled on both arms and legs. You cant smash or attack the larvae because they’re registered friendly. sigh


Oh god, that is horrible. Thanks, I’ve never dealt with them.


Should be soem antparisitic drugs that can help with that.

Don’t be afraid to have various loadouts. You don’t need to cary duffle bags everywhere, they will inhibit your fighting accuracy greatly. Instead, have some fighting armour, and looting loadout once you can. And make/bring a small cart with you preferably for both occasions. If you can’t find one, or havn’t explored yet, you can make a wooden cart quite easilly, even if you have to grind your mechanics skill a little. The result is a mobile obstacle you can use to kite enemies easilly, can cary more stuff than any non-encombering loadout, and can be very easilly ditched if the monster is TOO fast for the cart, but not for running. You don’t even need wheels on it if some noise is ok.

You can drop those encumbering bags quickly, picking them back up and their contents, takes a little more time.

most creatures have a really bad time with fire. Be careful where you use it though, it spreads quickly if you over do it.

larger weapons take extra time to get out of your bag, if you expect to need to re-equip large weapons frequently/quickly keep them in a cart or on the ground near whereyou will need them.


Yeah, but carts are more easily destroyed. Plus duffle bags are easier to get in my opinion. Rags and thread are abundant. As long as You’re not raiding unsafe houses or allowing your enemies the pre-emptive, duffle bags are great. I use shopping carts too, but only when I’m cleaning up a large secured area. I think using both options is good if they’re available.
As for the large weapons, a scabbard or similar device is a good idea, or if you know You’re going into a hostile area, wield it before you get there. It’s always better to be prepared. Plus, I’m not sure if There’s a pick up and wield button, but dropping it on the ground seems less effective than just wielding from your backpack. Seeing as you have to pick it up first and do the same thing.
As for the anti-parasitic drugs I don’t have any and I’ve checked in town. Couldn’t till soil so I Couldn’t plant mugwort and finding the mugwort seeds and cooking oil took too long. They would breed faster than I could acquire resources. I decided to debug some anti-parasitic drugs and chalked it up to a learning experience.


Pressing "w"ield and going to the bottem it will list nearby items on the ground to wield.


Oh, that’s pretty nifty. Thanks for the tip.


Citrus fruit or vinegar + empty cans = batteries!


Number 1 in your list isnt nessesary true as water from rivers can be clean.


Oh yeah, rivers can be clean. Also the well pumps found on farms generate safe drinking water.


If a NPC gives you attitude about it being their turf, just lure a bunch of zeds to them, and place some bets. Then loot their bodies.


Avoid The Moose ME: THX They Kill me more often than zombie or anything else lmao