Wireless Explosives

Hi guys,

Behold an idea from chat:

10:37 Denk we would love to have remote bombs 10:38 freezerbunny then blow it all to hell 10:38 freezerbunny hm 10:38 Denk remote satchels 10:38 freezerbunny maybe i'll code one in 10:38 freezerbunny a Detonator item that triggers ar"radio explosives" 10:38 freezerbunny *all set radio explosives in the area or something 10:38 freezerbunny wireless explosive 10:38 freezerbunny and to craft the wireless you use c4, or dynamite, + antennae, signal receiver 10:39 freezerbunny then you activate it like a trap and it only detonates if the Detonator object is used?

So basically a remote bomb that would make use of the signal receiver and antennae parts.

Would be useful in detonating huge areas of space all at once, for example if you lure 20 - 30 zombies into a large building and then blammo it!

I think I might implement this. Your thoughts?

I think that would be awesome.
place explosives behind door
lure zombie in
get out in another door
detonate… KABOOM

Yep, definitely awesome. :slight_smile:
Please do go ahead with your plan.

I am reminded of my recent BF4 exploits… drop a bunch of c4, run around the building, detonate it, get killed by a falling building.

we need this it seems like mini nukes are unusable atm but this would help