[WIP] Crafting screen subcategories - PR #4884

or just enable TAB to move between categories, pressing a 2-key combination (>, <) is a bit too much due to bad keyboard positioning of said keys. (it’s either stretch left hand to the max, or use 2 hands, and for a key-mashing game the key-mashing must be streamlined as much as possible)

But don’t most keyboards have a shift key on the right side too? Although tab movement would be a handy dandy feature.

it’s just the same thing, an extra movement added. I don’t know how other people use the keyboards, but when i have to press a ton of keys, i’d rather have them grouped in such manner that they are accessible without extra hand movement.

I was actually thinking about having the left and right arrow keys change the subcategory, and when the player moves past the last subcategory under a main category, have the selections move to the first subcategory of the next category, and vice versa.

Hmm yea, I think an esy way to cycle through all the subcategories is more valuable than looping through the individual entries in one subcategory.

that would also be good, as long as we could use the numpad keys

It’s up to the input layer to map the right keypresses to that, so both l and numpad 6 mean “go right”, we’re getting some traction finally on moving away from every menu hard-coding which keys mean what.

Personally though if we were to implement cat1->last_subcat to cat2->first_subcat scrolling I would like to keep the ‘DirectionUp’ and ‘DirectionDown’ changing main categories. If I want to go to Chems I don’t want to have to scroll through n number of subcategories to get there.

I was assuming you were going to do that yea, it’s still worthwhile to skip quickly to the right category.

I can do it. Was hoping to wait until your PR got merged though. No sense in implementing it now only to have to re-do it after your changes get merged.