Windows build has a weird frame rate issue

At least on this machine, compiling the latest version with MingW appears to completely break the frame rate. The game runs fine, but it’s chugging along with 100% of a CPU core. I have no idea what is causing this. It happens with both SDL and non-SDL versions, and regardless of optimization level. I checked the getch functions in wincurse.cpp and sdlcurse.cpp, since those are the only places calling Sleep or SDL_Delay, and tried rearranging a few lines but I haven’t found a fix yet.

Frames do run at the normal rate with the latest downloadable Windows build (that is, ~0% CPU use when idle), and I haven’t seen this particular issue reported by anyone else, so if someone could verify it or tell me what’s going on here, I would appreciate it.

This isn’t an issue when building version 0.6, it seemingly applies only to recent versions.

Made a fix for the WinGDI (nonSDL) version Here (seeing as that issue was my fault :]).

As for the SDL version, i have no idea yet.


Maybe changing 1 to 2 will fix it. I’m not sure though, cpu usage is around 20% on my pc.