Window version dosen't support creating world use Chinese characators

In recently experimental version, if I create a world with Chinese characators, it will be failed

I cant paste pic here, so I type the error msg manualy:

将 “世界数据” 写入 "./save/(unrecognizable code)/worldoptions.json"失败: open failed

It seems write the world options json to a unrecognizable code failed! and I open the save folder in explorer, find it creates a new folder, but the name is a unrecognizable code: ���˹��

this is OK in latest stable version, this folder is the Chinese chatactor what I type. And a few days(may be 08/22?) it also supported in experimental build. But now it does not work. What happened?

Perhaps this file system change is the cause of the error.

The problem also occurs with saving character templates, which is reported in the Git issue.
It seems we will have to wait for a fix.

I fix it in my computer by enable unicode utf-8 support in region setting. And some old GBK program also works well.