Why does my food rot early?

The game said I had 2 days left on my pizza, but it went rotten anyway! HOW CAN I SURVIVE WITH NO PIZZA?!

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Did it say it had two days left or that it takes two days to rot at room temperature? Ambient temperature has a major effect on decay speeds for perishable items. They can rot much faster or slower than the speeds the description project based upon how hot or cold it is.

In the summer, I often see meat from Giant Black Widow basements rotting faster than I can process it into non-perishable foods. Fortunately they also contain spider eggs so it isn’t a total loss.

As for the loss of pizza, I feel your pain. Fortunately, if you find Cucina Italiana (often at Pizza Parlors), you can make your own with Flour, Water, Italian Seasoning or Red Sauce, and a myriad of meats or vegetables. They only take 20 minutes to make, produce four-or-so servings of decent nutrition, and are difficulty rating 4 so they can train cooking up to 5. I typically find a very generous amount of Italian Seasoning about, so PIzzas are excellent food options.

It said that it spoils in 2 days. It was still in spring, and I’m not certain as to whether the fact it was inside a building would matter much.

If you have a diver’s watch or thermometer you can check the temperature of the area you’re in. I’m not certain, but I think it’s likely that the local temperature (including inside of buildings because they have shade) will be the deciding factor over the temperature outside in how fast decay occurs.

What day did you find the pizza on? If it was later than Day 1 then it may have spawned and begun aging before you actually saw it and the only thing preventing it from being rotten by the time you found it was the low early-to-middle spring temperature.

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Oh, no, I made this pizza. Sadly, I forgot exactly how long ago I made it. Mines internets done broken but I still wanted to play, which just made it worse in terms of remembering when it was.

I see. Unless its changed in the last three builds, item descriptions should report how long a perishable item will last from the point in time where it began existing rather than how long it actually has left, since the game would have to constantly recalculate that to accommodate environmental changes, so the most likely circumstance is that it was just too old.

Fortunately, if you made the pizza then you must have the recipe, whether memorized or in a book, so you’ll only need to survive without it until you get the ingredients for more. Stay strong, friend.

'cos, like, rotting timers are sort of broken. They do not show the time left before the meal gets rotten. They show only the initial durability. Most products become (old) before becoming (rotten), but the timer still shows the same, iirc. Consider placing your food into a working fridge.

–I’ve noticed quite a few systems are either ‘broken,’ need a rebalance or just need to generally be tuned up. However, the downside of CDDA being so big is that it makes it rather difficult and there are so many things to work on.
–I also noticed that the title was spelled wrong. BECAUSE DERP!