Why can't i find a usable car?!

I’ve playing the game for quite along time, and i noticed THAT THERE IS NO DRIVABLE CAR!
So i wonder why? I know the game cant be too easy, but it’s a BIT unrealistic.

Cars in working conditions are often found on roads outside of city, especially bridges. Working conditions does not mean with fuel or power in battery though, so bring some gas canister and batteries.

I’ll admit I find it a little odd that there are /no/ vehicles that spawn with at least some gas and functional. I mean I get shit was bad before it went tits up but apparently the people of the pre-cataclysm world kept their cars going on happy thoughts.

If the only greyed out bit on a solar car is the battery, it can still be driven backwards, but not very fast.

That bug got fixed.

If you know where to look, you can find drivable cars - fueled up, even.

They just won’t be stopped in the middle of a city street - if people are abandoning their cars in the middle of a zombie outbreak, they’ve got a reason for it.

Uhm,sometimes i found a car into a garage,or at the car parkings.Hovewer it’s very hard to find a usable car O__O

In the grim, near-distant future, all personal transportation is controlled by AI satellite. This satellite is known as OmniStar.

The OmniStar automotive overlord was built and designed using the early meat-based OnStar system as a framework. In the event of an accident or potential criminal activity the OmniStar directive can take full control over your vehicle regardless of its location. In addition, due to government regulation pushed through in 2021 by General Motors-Hyamoto Corp, all vehicles must be equipped with a tandem system known colloquially as ‘Weak Ankle Syndrome’: Not only can OmniStar permanently disable your vehicle’s batteries and alternator, it can also fling off its wheels at a moment’s notice, causing the vehicle to skid to a peaceful halt so the inhabitants can await detention from a friendly CopBot ™ robotic police officer.

Unfortunately, OmniStar classified driving in general as a dangerous activity during the first few days of the cataclysm, causing all equipped vehicles to burst into flames, destroy their own transmission, turn the steering wheel into a pretzel or violently flatten itself into a pancake shape. This is why the most commonly damaged parts are wheels and controls.

I have found an intact car in a house garage with both gas and battery charge. It’s rare but so are house garages.

Exactly. They are the only cars that have not been driven since the cataclysm, meaning Omnistar did not trigger their self-destruct function.

Is omnistar akin with the omnissiah?

It’s a joking reference to ‘OnStar’, a emergency vehicle assist service with a reputation for uselessness.

Not familiar with this onstar thing. Then again i am not familiar with car related things in general. I don t even know what i am driving. It has four wheels and is red thats all.The rest id have to look up xD.

Ty for the refferense anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i commonly find nearly working cars mostly military or solar try truck in sarcophagus (need to destroy metal gates first so prepare some explosiwes because there is not time to mine with pickaxe in this area filled with radiation)

alslo military vehicles like to be in good condition with little fuel and battery left
and solar car is nearly allways working just need wait for some charge

You can usually find vehicles commonly in a mine parking lot that work. If you see a vehicle on a street in a city or town though, you’re probably better off not looking at it unless you have the tools to fix a particularly nice one up.

If you’re playing experimental you might also find some nice motorcycles and things, but you won’t be able to see the area on the map.

you don’t need a fully functional car (as everyone say they are rare, but some exist)

Certain cars are very easy to fix:
find a car that’s in nearly ok condition (with a broken seat/controls/battery/tires, or just lacking fuel/battery charge) replace it with a makeshift welder + wrench, or just fuel up, and you got yourself a car.

I usually fix up military vehicles/ RV’s/Road Rollers/Electric cars that i find in acceptable condition and take 'em to my base.

Now, if you want to do vehicle with mechanics < 2, or with no welder… whatever anyone else said:
Garages, home garages, bridges sometimes spawn working cars, while some solar cars may work out of the box too, or can be very easily fixed with a jack + tires.

It’s kinda hard to break a shopping cart, but it’s not exactly the best vehicle either.