Which program should I use to edit json files?

which program is best for editing json files? notepad? or are there better programs for this?


It’s a free program. It numbers your lines, which is sometimes helpful. It also has a json language mode, which will color-code things. Some other little bonuses – autofilling words that already exist in the document comes in handy and cuts down on typos.
Highly recommend it.


I would go with VS code with the json extension installed, it’s a full IDE that’s made for developers across all languages and frameworks.

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I use several programs when editing .json files.

Effective File Search - For finding a particular string of text among any number of files across any number of directories. Very handy when modding to find working examples of what you’re trying to do.

Notepad++ - As TheMurderUnicorn mentioned, it’s just great for editing. I will add that it has a dual panel mode to view 2 files side by side. There are also MANY plugins available to download, via the Plugin Manager. I make a lot of use of the ‘compare’ plugin.

Github Desktop - I use this to both keep tabs on my fellow modders work and to publish my own mods or submit changes to others projects.

Greenshot - A free screen capturing program. Handy for showing things off or bug reports or really anything.