Where are the dead drugdealers? Also anyone encountered Yuggs so far?

So after I have played through multiple characters I must say that I have never encountered the dead drugdealers from earlier versions. You know… those dead human bodies carrying cocaine. I tend to use that in a pinch to get out of a sticky situation alive or to craft something complex. Well have the chances been lowered, or are they the same and I am just incredibly unlucky in that regard? I mean all I find is weed from underground farms. Or did those drug dealers get removed completly for whatever reason. If the latter how to readd them to the game? Havent seen one single Yugg aswell in the experimental I am using… Might be because they are an incredibly rare creature aswell. Anyways I am on Version 0.C-17859-9db08026.

I see a lot of drugdealers.

Yuggs. havent seen one in ages. But that might just be chance.

I just saw drug dealers and I’m on yesterday’s experimental. Love them since they give me drugs and good weapons.

In my CDDA experiences I’ve only run into yuggs at most 3 times, so either they aren’t very common or I’m just lucky in that regard.

theyd make good cavern critters.

maybe mines/helllmouths?

their lovecraftian lore suggests they dwell deep within the earth

Alright nvm just was out of luck with the drugdealers and the Yugg. Found a bunch of cocaine on dead drugdealers.

Also loving the fact that Yugg Darts actually mutate you when they manage to pierce your armor (read: I need to test if armor matters, clothing is not armor) . Just like they should.

I just encountered my first Yugg thanks to a portal, it gave me Very Heavy Sleeper and Carnivore…

Have never encountered a single Yugg. Ever. RNJesus loves(?) me.

he does.
there are much safer ways to mutate than a hostile alien abomination.

The only place I’ve ever found one is near that special Grove location from the mod that adds essence and such.

Well, I think I might have found one near a tear in reality, once, maybe. They are VERY VERY rare (thank goodness - dealing with them without getting randomly mutated is essentially impossible).

[quote=“pisskop, post:9, topic:12490”]he does.
there are much safer ways to mutate than a hostile alien abomination.[/quote]

But not nearly as fun.

What is a Yugg? I might have seen one but I just don’t know the name

Basically, giant earth worms that mutate you with piercing melee attack. Very annoying, because you can’t kill them at range, but it’s not safe to engage them in melee, either.

Just be glad there aren’t any Dholes. Or Hounds of Tindalos. Or Gugs. Or actual Elder Gods.