What's the deal with coal?


No seriously coal is pretty much useless. By the time I craft a pickaxe, the coal I can get from mining is pretty much useless compared to the more versatile charcoal. Is there a mod that gives coal some more usage?


I mean you can use it in steam engines I guess.


Feel free to add additional realistic uses for it to the game, if you have a good idea just go to github and make a pull request.


Unless it’s changed or never was the case and I’m just miss remembering, coal can be put in a charcoal kiln to make charcoal from, fairly ironic if I am infact remembering right.


If you’re running a steam engine, coal has 20 times the energy density of charcoal.


Wait, there’s steam engines now?


Yes, for months even.


Also mining coal for fuel isn’t something I would expect to be worthwhile for a single survivor. The quantities involved are all wrong.


Besides the absurdity of mining coal everywhere in game, why would it not be valid? In regions, where coal layers are accessible from the ground, often an illegal shafts are being dug out by individuals to get free coal. Rock coal is relatively soft, so you don’t need sophisticated equipment to mine it on a small scale, its layers are consistent, so you don’t sift through dug-out rock or use some special process like in gold mining etc., where you would need special machinery etc. And its relatively caloric as fuel, compared to wood, etc. In my opinion in a region where you could have access to coal, it would be valid even for a sole survivor. Of course its a game of opportunities and economics of time - if in a same time you could just get some wood, gas, etc. then you lose incentive to dig for it. But it’s still an option.


Yeah, from what I’ve read, once you actually reach a coal seam, you’ll have access to a lot of coal for a pretty reasonable amount of work. The seams are usually pretty thick and consistent, and soft enough to mine out large chunks without sophisticated tools.

Like this guy


The trick is finding it.


I have no idea what is already implemented regarding mining, but we could have some OM tile containing underground coal and some Geological survey of [town] items that work like other type of maps but reveal only underground ressources.


Isn’t mining for coal part of the mining mod? Not exactly base game stuff?