What is nether?

mi to and the same thing with UFO its not only for aliens it can be added to a plane thats not frome that cuntry and entering iligali ok.ok.ok UFO statds for Unadentifide Flying Object so it can bi a meteor or somthing that we dont now what it is ,it can bi a top hat atach to a plane and seems its flying and its a UFO we dont now if is a top hat or a flyng frisbi disk

It’s nether here nor there, rather the spaces in between.

The reason you turn on the light so fast when you hear a sound in the night, that feeling you get when walking home alone from a friends place down a dark alley, the twinge you get when you reach under the sofa or bed for the remote control.

Some have said that heaven and hell were created so that we wouldn’t have to contemplate the more primal forces, the true guises of terror and madness.

Man fears that which he cannot comprehend the most.

Me: Indicates the self. I am me. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. If that happens to me then I won’t be happy with it.
My: Indicates self ownership. That is mine. My fish died. Why is my fish dead and in your sandwich?
Be: Indicates existence. I be. Be that as it may, it really shouldn’t be. It won’t be like that if we don’t let it.
By: Indicates a causative or adjacent relationship. It is by us. By my word I wish not to be by that. It was created by combining sticks and rocks, and I keep it by me always.
Buy: To trade. Buy more, buy now! Buying food from shops is a waste when you can buy it from rats for killing them. If you buy all my lies then you will buy these ‘deluxe’ carapaces instead of butchering your own from the corpse pile.
Now: The current time. Give me it now! Now is the time to act. We now know that we must act now.
Know: To be aware of or to understand. I know. Know that if you down the library then it won’t change what you know. I know that burning down libraries is bad, but I also know that it is fun!
No: Applies absent values. No way. No more of those please. I have no idea why you would want that.
Nether: Not discussed in polite conversation.
Neither: Absent in all listed scenarios. Me neither. Neither here nor there. That calls for neither effort nor enthusiasm.
Then: The following time or indicative of the following action: Then move! Then we will know if it worked then. If it then grows tentacles then we run away.
Than: A comparative relationship. More than what? Are tentacles worse than slime? Is two metres > 5 yards?

An internet search on “lovecraftian” really should give you a clear idea of what the nether is. C:D.D.A. has its own unique characteristics, I mean, the N.P.C.s are still vaguely coherent and are more interested in taking your loot than inspiring you to love the unmaking embrace of the unknowing abyss, but it is basically the Lovecraftian Mythos coming for a visit.

Yeah, whales wanted to make a nether like minecraft to fast travel locations. That’s how teleport works in cataclysm.

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