What happens to friendly mobs when you croak?

what happens to friendly mobs when your character expires? do they still stay on the same area they were on before until they are beaten, or do they vanish? for instance recruited NPCs, pets, or other followers added my mods or such?
If they stay there do they remain friendly, or do they revert back to hostile (such as the case of robots) or untrusting (such as humans?)

If you are playing 0:D stable NPC’s will non change their opinion of you upon death and will treat your new character the same way as if you never died. I.e. friendlies stay friendly and if you got someone angry by trying to steal their chocolate bar you can bet that they will hunt you down and all your future reincarnations for daring to attempt such a thing.

I believe, but am not 100% sure, that on the latest experimental NPC’s do reset their opinion of you after death. Meaning you have to regain their trust if you want them to follow you again.

i think they stay the same, once i took a mission, died (failing the mission) made a new character went to NPC and say it didnt have any job for me