What Font do you use when playing?

I’v gotten kinda bored with my old font of late, and I was wandering what type of font’s you guys use.

So care to share? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use default. Didn’t realise it could be changed.

Can you use… Wingdings?

I myself use the Topaz-8 font with a 10x10 font size and a 50x50 screen width. It fits perfectly both the vision field and a 1920x1080 monitor.

same i love topaz, ill be using that till tiles are up :wink:

[quote=“DG123, post:2, topic:2803”]I use default. Didn’t realise it could be changed.

Can you use… Wingdings?[/quote]

You cant use wingdings but if you try, you get some pretty awesome results

At the cost of not understanding anything, that is.

Holy crap, wingings is Hardcore mode.

I still need to test out if calibri font actually spaces nicely. It’s a favourite of mine, I find it nice for reading (and I use my laptop for everything on campus so it goes a long way to help.)

Behold, the font known as “Lucida Console”!
Not sure about the size, I just leave it blank, so I guess default size?
also, using 91x35 screen width, so for those using 1920x1200 resolutions this is what it will look like. I’m sure it’ll look for other resolutions, as long as their not too small

Wow, fancy

I prefer PixelFont


Use comic sans. I dares ya.

I use White Rabbit. I am starting to really like it.

I tried White Rabbit for a bit and wasn’t completely sold on it. I haven’t found a font that I am absolutely stoked with yet, but this one is pretty decent:


I’d drop a screeny, but my monitor is small at work that it doesn’t really justify it.

By the way, is there a thread anywhere on how to change fonts etc. I know for example that in e.g.


the 16 and 16 refers to width and height of each character space is pixels. But I saw someone use a 3rd figure, so what is that for? Are there more options? Can you have the “playing” screen in one size and then the information pane in another size (standard probably), maybe even different fonts for each?

Another nice one:


[URL=http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/855993]Boxy Bold[/URL] on 10x10 with font size 18 is beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.
Although not very easy on the eyes.
In fact, it may induce screaming.

It might look a bit better with larger dimensions.