What are the lore spicifics on blob healing?

So, I’m a little confused about how blob healing is supposed to work lore wise. I know that it is supposed speed up the healing process by a few magnitudes as well as blood regeneration (not just in zombies and humans but also in normal animals and mutants). But the specifics about how it works seem a little vague to me.

  1. Like does the healing process take a massive amount of calories as such rapid healing should?

  2. Does it also increase the rate at which scar tissue is broken down given that your character is never slowed down by excessive (internal) scaring as you might expect if you healed many deep wounds that should take at least a month to recover normally in a matter of days?

  3. Does it enhance the body’s ability to actually repair things it shouldn’t be able to heal such as damage that should be permanent and beyond the ability or very unlikely for a human to fully recover form, presumably regrowing teeth and fingers as you never seem to run out of those, regenerate neural tissue as brain damage isn’t a thing and severed tendons as you can presumably sever them and still be up and walking just fine a few days later.

  4. Does it protect against hearing loss over time? Given that you can wreck your hearing as many times as you want by explosions and gunshots on a daily basis but there is only short-term hearing loss with no risk to your hearing over time.


If the recent metabolism glitch in the experimental branch is anything to go by, it seems that it might be using a buttload of calories to heal things. /s

You can ask a lot of these questions about the zombies too, such as “How would this organism live without eating often?” and “Where do the calories for evolutions come from?” but neither of these really have answers either (because they can’t have real answers) other than maybe “The blob is summoning calories from an alternate dimension to feed them.”

This is one of those things where lore can’t really even be applied because no answer will truly be satisfactory unless character healing is slowed down substantially to painfully realistic levels (which would likely ruin the game on a gameplay level) or calorie needs increase substantially (which we already saw the effects of). Really, the only thing to say is that maybe some of the permanent disfigurements such as deafness or finger loss will be added, but more likely it will be one of those things that everyone agrees will be added eventually but for now can be chalked up to some random setting-appropriate pseudo-science.