What are the limits of mutant and zombie evolution? and how does it work

In the lore the blob is a very powerfull entity on a macro level (can warp the fabtic of reality and the laws of nature, it presumably has vast intelligence in its own way and a vast amount of experience comparable too a god) but it isn’t all powerfull or all knowing and still seems to have some limitations and rules. This would limit it in what it can do in our world with regards too the organisms it has hijacked since it can only modify the underlying biology and still has too abide by our laws of a reality for the most part.

So this brings me too the question of this thread: What are the limitations and constraintes that mutants and zombies have on their mutation?

its not so grand as to warp the fabric of reality, the more “spooky” mutants are actually under the effects of the dimensional invaders, nor does it have a vast conciseness outside of host bodies. (the mycellium however…)
All it does is just encourage mutations in hosts, which is why mutagen is made out of blobs.

Whatever Kevin Granade says they are. Everyone can code their own opinions, but that’s really how the ultimate decision is made (lore-wise). No, it doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to be interesting enough that it gets added into the base game.

You would expect there to be some limits espessially given the focus on realism. Some specific things get handwaved such as energy requirements for zombies, multidimentional/anomolous stuff and how mutation exactly works. But you would expect things like zombies and mutants have too seem at least plausably functional in a biomechanical sense, so no perpetually burning zombies or living mutant the size of a dog that can survive a square hit from a cannonball.