Where are the mutant zombies?

I was wondering about whether mutant could get zombified and after realizing that there isn’t any lore reason that they wouldn’t i thought that they would make a great new line of enemies. Escpecially in the early game. I already know that there are crazed mutants in labs as a monster (have never seen one thow) but how about a bunch of zombies with teeth, claws and some sort of natural armor (furs, chitin, scales) in labs that are the zombified former mutant subjects since they are basically absent now from labs even thow they should be there according to the lore.

I would also love to see some chinera mutants or zombies since they where supposed to be developed during the cataclysm as a weapon to take out zombies and would likely see atleast some deployed or just your garden variaty post threshold large/huge mutant that was either deployed to fight the undead or just escaped on it’s own either as a rivived corpse or alive in the easly game.

Technically there are zombies with more advanced mutants that become known once the survivor has survived long enough as they begin to “mutate” into specific archetypes with the blob pulling the strings. I think the reason some advanced zombies can be found in labs is because they were testing mutagen on people and some of them were obviously revivified later after being already mutated, meaning they came pre-loaded with those mutation archetypes instead of being your average day-one zed.

If you survive long enough you start coming across more heavily mutated zombies anywhere from shockers and brutes to smokers and screechers, all the way up to hulks and so forth. I think you also mean more specifically mutated similarly to how the survivor can mutate, though I don’t think the blob wouldn’t necessarily facilitate that direction for making effective vessels nor would there be other experiments mutated to such a degree. Still though, it could be an idea for some new monsters, based on rare mutants or even dead survivors that eventually died in the same world.

I mean people who are already mutated before they became zombies we already have this in broken cyborgs (people that got cybeneticly experimented on only to die and become zombies) but we also know form the lore that there would be many people in the labs who where experimented on with mutigens but we never see them really in any form.

Mutation and zombie evolution (which are both inaccurate names) are essentially the same thing, the former being when you somehow coax the blob into doing the latter pre-mortem.

I’ve been thinking that rare ‘late game’ survivor zombies would be a interesting rare spawn. Stat them to be the equivalent of a very heavily mutated and/or bionic’d survivor with late game gear. Sprite variety would be easy, just have a couple different flavors that resemble post threshold mutant characters. “This tentacle nightmare looks at you with an unsettling cruel intelligence in its eyes. Clad in multiple layers of Kevlar and steel plate, a long blade with the glint of mono molecular edges pops into and out of a tentacle-tip with a nervous regularity.”

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