What a heck? AI of NPC (shitbricks post)

my AI-NPC Satellite been equipped with MPC-vest. and pants and shooses. M4A1. and this all.
i decide to equip him little bit better.

i gave him shirts and short - well - NPC wear it.
i gave him military winter pants and winter coat - he wear it also.
but when i gave him to wear military ruecksack - he drop winter coat. and… wear ruecksack.
goofy dumb f**ng NPC!!! not AI NPC :`(

what a heck???
why??? why he did so?

maybe AI-NPC so nervous about their encumberance?
how-to equip AI-NPC?

yeah, plz teach me how to play with puppets :slight_smile:
what i need to do to equip him?

(e)xamine the NPC and press “r” to reorder armor or something like that. I think it should solve your problem

exact this i did.
NPC simply drop some… wear 1 drop2 3 wear 2 drop1 wear 3 wear 2 wear 1 drop 2 3 :slight_smile:
and this i wear ok - he drop like a little spoiled child. wish to kill them - but i am a good…

need inventory screen like characters inventory, but for NPC. in which we can try to equip NPC. if he want to drop someone - we may do some with this and find solution.