Well that's wierd (task manager)

This may be related to cataclysm or it may be related to Avast antivir.

Just downloaded a new experimental build, went to start it up and as usual Avast started it in a sandbox.
I, of course, forgot this and in my late-night stupor sought the cancel button like a drunk lecher seeks the whorehouse.

Well, now I’ve got this:

It doesn’t respond to ‘end process’ in any way, which is kinda new to me.
Started another instance, let the sandbox go, closed everything afterwards, it still won’t go away.

Restarting would sort it out, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything bad, (or anything at all with those 0s), so I figured I’d mention it here and go on my merry way.

Quickly Invert the main capacitor polarity and increase the power load by 200% that should stabilize the main OS Core before a memory loop occurs!

And hit me for trying to be funny by the way

because you sandboxed it in avast, the actual runtime information will be in Avast’s memory space. since you terminated the sandbox, though the process is being abstracted through avast, which killed it, it never reached the OS. When the memoryspace is reclaimed either by filling up or something else requesting that space of memory, it will disappear

Aah, ok. Thank ye kindly!


Does this mean I get to have to become virtualized, fight virtual bad guys and attempt to reach the nearest macguffin in an epic “online” struggle?