Weird lake shore

Seems like map generator made a part of map, then decided on my starting location, then:

  • oh, but starting location in evac shelter must be near a city
  • okay, let’s make a city here… what’s this, a lake? Move aside, please.
  • hmm, should probably place a mansion somewhere nearby
  • okay, let’s make a mansion there… ugh, that pesky lake again. Move aside there now.

And at the end we’re left with this:

Probably was going to be a road to that mansion but the lake decided to end this madness and say “You shall not pass!”


Lol. The God’s of CDDA are drunk

Happens on overmap boundaries, not easy to fix, same thing happens with rivers / forests / swamps etc.

Actually just been informed by the mapgen dev guy that this boundary issue no longer occurs actually, unless you have multiple seeds or something.

That save is quite old - october or maybe even late september, so no worries )

Nothing like the chaotic neutral RNG god xD

Hey, is this a similar weird lake-shore thing happening? Does it have something to do with the overmap-river-connections function? I’m running the experimental build from Dec 21st.

Edit: I opened an issue illustrating this here.