Weapon's kills counter and/or remaining weapon ammo color

Write in weapon caption count killed emenies.
SIG Pro .40 [18]

do color remaining weapon ammo
SIG Pro .40 [18] (10)
SIG Pro .40 [18] (5)
SIG Pro .40 [18] (0)

But then how would you know how much ammo you have in the gun? You could run out of ammo while fighting a hulk, and switch to a weapon without any ammo, thinking that it has 10 bullets in it.

SIG Pro .40 [18] (10) - with ammo
SIG Pro .40 [18] (0) -without ammo
Color of “[18]” - grey
If no bullets - write “(0)” - red. Else cyan or green.

SIG Pro .40 [18] (10)
SIG Pro .40 [18] (0)

What would the point be of a weapon-based kill counter? Second, why only for guns? This feature would be useless for melee players, unless you want a kill-tracker for every possible item.

Heheh, imagine someone racking up a ton of kills with a pair of gloves. Gentleman-slap all the zombies to death, my good sir!

Now I want to get a 20 kill streak beating everything to death with a chocolate bar.
All my food shall have a kill before I eat it!

Instead of marking it there you could do what dwarf fortress did and have kills listed in the item’s description. It would leave no possible confusion about ammo. And then it could list 5 zombies, 8 rabbits, 12 zombie dogs… or whatever you kill with it.

Maybe also say if you got it off a dead npc/player.

Ex: Double barrel shotgun

I pried it from John Smith’s cold dead hands.

5 zombies
8 rabbits
12 zombie dogs
1 zombie hulk
1 Nicolus Cage

Yes, put kill counter in description it better, i think. Now in “[]” writen count of items in stack.