Walking Turents Strike Agian, BUT with more

So i come across a military bunker and was feeling :slight_smile: for the chance to get some cbms. Unfortunately 3 turents decide to spawn so i wait out till night fall. When coming back it seems the turrets grew in number to TWENTY. Luckily it was only on one side of the building. When i approached the bunker the walls seemed to be off. It looked like it had tried to move over a tile. Not only that 1 of the doors were missing.
This was a fresh save and the door console was unused.

My idea was the turrets also spawned in when the door broke and decided to go for a walk to hunt me down.

This found in the current 0.4 download. Iโ€™ve known issue can be fixed with downloads from github, but i donโ€™t want to do something that can break my game.