Vanishing turrets

I raided a military bunker and found some 8 turrets in it, I took them all back to my LMOE shelter to fortify it, I went outside to get other things from my car and when I returned and all my turrets were just gone, does anyone know how to fix/prevent this glitch?

Nope (well except for not leaving the turrets), but will look into it.

Edit: Well so far, i’ve only been able to reproduce this when long dist. teleporting…

If it’s a LMOE, it might be something about changing z-levels, were you testing that 1942rob?

Yup tested with Z-levels too, to no results.

And every static creature seems to be affected by this (or at least with long-dist teleporting).

Yea the long-dist teleport thing is a known issue I’ve been ignoring because it’s a debug-only thing, you may notice it also does weird things with vehicle caching.

The game::vertical_move() should be doing the right things to make sure this isn’t happening, but obviously not… The prime suspect is game::despawn_monsters(), which takes care of handling monsters going off-map.