Viability of updating to latest version & keeping current game?

I have a game that I’ve actually survived quite well in (without save scumming even once!) and have an interesting locale to explore – possibly the first time both of those things have been true for me since I started playing this game over 1 year (2 years? longer) ago.

I’m playing OSX-Tiles-9508. What’s the likelihood of me upgrading to the latest version and still having a usable game? What are the risks? It’s something I’ve never tried, as I usually just toss whatever existing games I have in favor of the latest updates.

we’re currently having a bunch of wackiness in the faction code, which is doing weird things to save games. Normally you can update safely, but things are unsettled right now, so keep backups of your save games.

All updates are supposed to be backwards compatible across savegames, but experimental is necessarily a place where experiments happen and sometimes stuff breaks.

Thanks for the info. Certainly I don’t expect anything else from the experimental branch. It’s usually when things have broken that I’m most interested in the updates.

I have no idea where the saved game files are actually stored on a Mac. I suppose that unless there have been useful updates to the battery system, I’ll just stick with 9508.

Edit: Or if Washing Machines can now take craftable cleaners, like soap.