Ver 0.3 CTD - Evac Shelter reset

First of all, I want to thank the devs for this game. I’m enjoying it immensely. Here’s my bug report:

Bug: Evacuation center was reset to its default state after loading an auto-save

Details: All items in the evac center except for the ones in my inventory were gone. The evac center’s curtains were open, and furniture was returned to their default positions. The few items I had in the basement were also gone. The notes & revealed area on the map remained unchanged.

Events Leading up to Crash: My character was bleeding after successfully killing a bear, a square or two north of the evac shelter. I was moving directly south when the game crashed. Version 3.0 has crashed a few times for me, but the Auto Save usually comes back intact. I was a bit lapse in recording details about the first few crashes, unfortunately. I’ll report any future crashes, when I encounter them.

Sidenote: The forum’s attachment system doesn’t appear to be working, so I posted the file on MediaFire.
My save folder: