Vehicle speed balance?


Yes, that is a Road Roller. If you want to make a balance discussion, it helps to use words, I can’t read your mind. All I’m seeing is a vehicle with an engine more powerful than a good V6, with a lot of mass and very large wheels. Given enough straightaway to accelerate, and ignoring worksite safety regulations, its a believable number. Gonna rattle your teeth outta yer skull at top cruising though, and have fun braking.

I think its balance enough that a) any collision at that speed tends to kill you, and b) you burn so much gas getting to that speed, and c) there’s only a few instances where you’d want to get to that speed due to both (a) and (b).

What is mentioned above + the acceleration is also very much non-existent. Unsure what the issue here is but as someone else said: words help.