V 1331ae4 Metabolic Interchange powers down

The Metabolic Interchange CBM seems to power down every few turns on its own. At first I thought unlike in previous versions it would not just stop working when you’re to hungry but just switch it off, but it is also happening when the character is fully fed.

(Tiles version, win7)

I’ve just noticed that, at least sometimes, it seems to happen when the Power Storage is at max capacity. Since I’m using a MP3-Player with the UPS modification, that is really annoying. :wink:

It’s just a side effect of the bionic framework update making it actually do what the JSON said it should. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said it’s a really easy 1-2 line fix for this in the json. I’ll take a crack at it tonight if nobody else has by then. (If you want to fix it yourself just go into the JSON, find the metabolic bionic, remove the “time” line and add a line that says ‘“toggled”: true,’ instead.)

Thanks for the hint, unfortunately, replacing the line moves it to the passive column. Still, now that I know where the problem is, I’ll try to find something. :wink:

Ignore that, I wrote toggles instead of toggled. =/