Usefulness of a plasma engine?

So I broke into a bank vault and found a plasma engine. From noodling around on the wiki, I gather this thing runs on pressurized hydrogen canisters, which I’ve never found in some 500-600 in game days of playing. Though I don’t particularly like labs so I haven’t done a lot of lab finales.

How useful is this thing? My APC already have a V8 diesel, which accelerates at 11 mph/turn up to 110 mph, which is plenty fast enough. And an V8 diesel has awesome fuel economy. Will this engine make my APC go faster / run smoother / regenerate its storage batteries faster?

Also, am I likely to find hydrogen canisters in a Vault? I know where there’s a vault near the refugee center, but I haven’t tried exploring it because it sounds like quite a chore.

It’s pretty unupdated and not useful.
It has the power of a V6 engine or so.

Would it be better as a self-sustaining engine or a high-power?

Self sustaining/super-efficient would probably make them more useful.

It would probably still be best to save whatever hydrogen you found for making diamond blades however

Just tried installing one: What does Battery +2238 mean?

Same thing as battery+ in alternators.
Plasma works as engine and alternator in one, but you can’t put alternator on it.

I can refill the hydrogen tank with whiskey. What is the part id of the tank? Scratch that. I can’t find a reason for this.

Aren’t tanks supposed to be universal now? Do you mean it will run on whiskey or that you can refill it with whiskey? Because the latter makes sense to me as a generic container. edit: If this is experimental I mean.

I cannot fill the tank with hydrogen, but I can fill it with whiskey.

Well that uh… that sounds like an issue there.
I propose you open an issue. But check that you aren’t using any vehicle additions/overhaul mods first.

so plasma engines are scottish technology?

Isn’t the plasma engine mentioned actually a Fusion engine ( ?

Current real life Fusion engines use Hydrogen isotopes (, which should be easy to distill out of water in the post-cataclysmic world.

Deuterium can be distilled from all forms of water. It is a widely available, harmless, and virtually inexhaustible resource. In every litre of seawater, for example, there are 33 milligrams of deuterium. Deuterium is routinely produced for scientific and industrial applications.

The problem with the plasma engine is that the fuel is so damn rare (even when compared to a minireactor) which makes it unusable. Either the benefits of using the engine should outweigh the shortage of fuel or the fuel should be made more accessible.

I do believe that a hydrogen tank is a separate vehicle ‘entity’. You can install either a normal 60 liter tank or a hydrogen tank. Unless the hydrogen tank is an blazemod-exclusive thing, don’t know about that then.