Unstackable flour

Maybe flour should not rot, as it already has a very long shelf life? I think most games that people play will end in death or boredom before a single flour actually rots. In the current implementation, flour doesn’t stack and clutters up inventory and or storage lists. I would also be okay with allowing merged stack of flour to take the oldest stack of flour’s freshness.

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Well, whole flour contains fat (albeit a small amount). Fat goes rancid, therefore flour does in fact ‘go bad’ even if that means it doesn’t ‘rot’, per se. Most people don’t realize that flour goes bad because they either rarely use it and so they don’t recognize the difference in taste with flour that’s turned, or they use a ton of it and therefore end up using it before it goes bad.

Additionally, flour is prone to drawing bugs. Most Cataclysm players probably leave their flour lying around loose or in a cabinet, rather than a sealed container. I don’t think it’s absurd to give it an expiration date, even if it’s still technically edible.

As for it not stacking, I hadn’t noticed that, I thought it automatically stacked the entirety of each batch you made, but each batch then was treated as a separate stack. Which makes sense, if creating flour resets or changes the previous freshness of its ingredients.

Oh…great…I’ve been eating $h!t flour in my pies for a few years now DOH! lol XD