Allow the Mill to turn Corn into Cornmeal

Yesterday, someone posted to the Cataclysm subreddit that they recently came upon 1k+ corn, and needed a way to store it before it spoiled. I suggested that they throw it into a mill (the buildable tile) to turn it into cornmeal, but somebody else pointed out that it doesn’t have the MILLABLE tag nor the recipe implemented. Corn should definitely be able to be added to the mill to create cornmeal, as it would only make sense.


Corn needs to be dried before it can be milled into meal. If the ability to make cornmeal from corn is added, they’re gonna want to add the dehydration step, too.

Also on the topic, flour milled from whole grains tends to go rancid pretty quickly. In the game, it lasts nigh-indefinitely, no bleaching or preservatives required.

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