Unable to build at Faction Camp

I recently acquired six healthy bouncing baby NPC’s waiting to reestablish civilization from the ground up.

They’re having trouble with the “ground up” part. I can’t get the first Wattle & Daub shelter to pop up for construction, even though I have all the tools, skills, and resources needed for it. I have an NPC trained 4 Fab/4 Survival, piles of tools, and mountains of resources, but the option remains greyed out for no apparent reason. Is the mission board somehow in the way? I’ve tried and failed to move the thing before rolling the save back, and I can’t delete the camp either.


also, is there a way to get NPC’s to stop filling their pockets with clay and pebbles every time I let them off the ‘no pickup’ hook?

Try giving them tools directly. Sometimes they ignore tools even in basecamp:storage tiles.
Also, you can define autopickup filters for NPCs so they will only pick up things you want then to.