Transport construction yard - need some addendum

need to mark on the map which help us to build or disassemble our transport more easy.
if you know where you are that you will disassemble a car by the principle “from a distant dish at a table to the neighbor dish”.

yes you can build in any case - of course.
but you can trap yourself.
and what if you disassemble big crash of 2 or 3 or more cars?
if you not know whete you stay - you get more piles of components, but you can (in the principle) get only one pile.

i need to usually guessing about starting point.
it occurs because the subprogramme which “builds cars” is optimized not absolutely optimum, and has cars on the card of construction not absolutely adequately that forces to make efforts for finding of the my position on the card of the car.
i stand for example on “South” of the car on the walkmap and begin to disassemble it since “South” on the construction card and it turns out that i were in “East” of the construction card.


Maybe something is wrong with me but I took a few tries to understand this topic.
To anyone having the same problem:
@vivat complains that the vehicle menu dosen’t display a car orientation, so you can only guess, where you are starting to disassemble. This is especially annoying when dealing with car crashes.
PS: Why can’t you just googletranslate your topic?

First, thanks for explaining. I had no idea what he was trying to say. I suspect Google Translate is the one at fault here or would be even worse if it was used.

On topic, the vehicle in question always faces “up” in the vehicle construction menu. Vehicles themselves however don’t display an orientation which can certainly be a problem. The easiest way I see to fix this being a small marker in the vehicle menu that displays where the character currently is in relation to the vehicle itself. I don’t know how easy that would be to code, but it would probably be the most user friendly fix.

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You’re welcome.
By the way, in fact, Google translates well. For example, I first translated the first three sentences of this post through Google without a single intervention.

Not that bad (despite “i first … the first”, intervention = correction etc.). Definitely better than:

me wanna say. yo know, to need usually doing some stuff.

Ehhh it depends on the language and what’s actually being said. A friend of mine was trying to translate Russian sewing instructions and kept getting something about the Polish border.

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