Transfer save game files from Desktop to Mobile

Is there a way to migrate my save from the Ubuntu machine I played it on onto the Android I now play with?
Are the file formats different?
I havent dug around in my phone yet, so wouldnt even know where the savegame is located.
And how it all works of course.

But perhaps someone could tell me if it is at least possible?
Dont mind starting another character on the Phone, since the desktop one is post-grind already.

But then again, it would already have that death-mobile, ANBC suit and awl pike to take on harder places…

Did you ever figure it out? I have the same question, only in reverse.

I just checked the save file structure are the same. You can do it.

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How about using, say, Dropbox, or mounting the filesystem over SSH? Could use ZeroTier to be permaconnected.

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Yeah, as Metroxylonov, the file structure is the same. I play on the same save file across my computer and mobile device all the time, and I can confirm it works. Just make sure it’s the same build.