Trains and Train Tracks

I’m fairly certain this has already been discussed, but here goes.

So, in pre-Cataclysm New England, there was a need for moving goods around. The main grunt of the work may have been taken by trailer-less semi trucks, but there’s got to at least be a few trains around there somewhere. Or at least train tracks, with above ground train stations full of zombified commuters and vending machines. The trains themselves could have various cars, some for shipping vehicles, or military supplies, or a few metric tons of wood. Others filled with cabins much filled with similar loot to lab dorm rooms. Even more with dining cars, or the all important engine with accompanying engineer zombies and various tools as well as the possibility of restoring these trains to their former unstoppable glory.

The main issue I see is that the trains would have to be exactly on top of the tracks, and should they be capable of restoration and operation, they would only be able to move along said tracks.

What do you guys think about this stuff?

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Let’s not forget about airports and …

planes in the sky with zombies,

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There was never such thing as too many train threads. Probably.


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Sometimes reviving dead threads is worse than starting new ones

I like the idea, id totally live in a box car for a few days in the beginning game.